This is on top of having much higher methane emissions than coal mining. Methane is a much stronger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide in the short term.

Trolling racists on twitter about their grammar is really fun, just fyi.

Thomas Friedman is the modern day Socrates

Pointlessly pedantic? Check.

Horrifically mixed metaphors? Check.

Plays a bunch of language games? Check.

Married into a rich family to support himself? Check.

Gets repeated everywhere because he flatters the rich? Check.

I just sent this email to The Young Turks show for their interview with Sam Harris

Mr. Harris,
You argue that the part in your book The End of Faith where you ask us to consider a nuclear first strike on an Islamist country which attains nuclear weapons (like, say, Iran), contra Chris Hedges, is not racist because it’s clear from context that you are talking about an Islamist country that is suicidal.
However, nowhere in the quote you excerpt in the article you wrote defending your views (and Google bombed to the top of the “Sam Harris Islamaphobic” search query) does the word “suicidal” appear. Focusing in on narrow context, the quote in question reads:
What will we do if an Islamist regime, which grows dewy-eyed at the mere mention of paradise, ever acquires long-range nuclear weaponry? If history is any guide, we will not be sure about where the offending warheads are or what their state of readiness is, and so we will be unable to rely on targeted, conventional weapons to destroy them. In such a situation, the only thing likely to ensure our survival may be a nuclear first strike of our own. “
Two points. First, the pedantic one: Your qualifier “which grows dewy-eyed at the mere mention of paradise” is a non restrictive modifying clause, which means you’re still talking about an Islamist regime in general.
Second, the more serious one: the modifying clause’s actual content, a state that “grows dewy-eyed at the mere mention of paradise”, is meaningless. It restricts nothing. Even a person who doesn’t believe in the existence of heaven, like me, still gets emotional at the idea of perfect contentedness forever.
To me, this seems like another classic case of equivocation on your part. You make a strong claim with weasel words attached. When called out, you hide behind the weasel words to try and elude responsibility for your clearly inflammatory speech. But you still push the box of accept discourse out into the realms of outright fascism and race hatred. You, sir, should be ashamed of yourself.
Please read this message to that little fuck. I’d like to see him squirm.
"So you wanna eat a pizza
Boy, you should know what you’re falling for
Baby do you dare to eat this?
Cause I’m coming at you like a pizza horse
Are you ready for, ready for
A perfect ‘za, perfect ‘za
Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine
I’m gonna eat you"

— A parody song of Dark Horse by Katy Perry (ft. Juicy Jay) that I sing each and every time I go to get a pizza

How come we call roosters cocks, but we don’t call hens cunts?

I’ve been rereading The Trial of Socrates by Izzy Stone

Socrates really was a genius, if you consider how it turned out in the long run. Whenever someone thinks of Socrates, they think “Oh yeah, fuck Athens for killing him.”

There’s nothing better than to knowingly split an infinitive.


attribution: Image released by Shaw Market Owner
This image was voluntarily released by the owner of the Shaw Market in South St. Louis. VonDerrit Myers is on the left in the black t-shirt. The time stamp says 7:03 PM. Myers and his friends left at 7:05pm.
Shot and killed by an off-duty St. Louis police officer on the night of Wednesday, October 8, 18-year-old VonDerrit Myers had just purchased a sandwich with his friends from the local Shaw Market. In an interview with Matt Pearce of the Los Angeles Times, the manager of the market, Berhe Beyet, said:
Like six minutes after I sold him a sandwich, he got shot… He wasn’t armed when he was here. He didn’t have a hoodie.
This observation from the store manager, confirmed by the still images and recently released video of Myers and two of his friends, taken just minutes before he was killed, raises a series of questions about exactly what transpired between the time Myers purchased a sandwich, not wearing a hoodie, and then being shot at 17 times by a St. Louis police officer just minutes later in possession of a gun and wearing a hoodie.

Below the fold is a video from the Shaw Market.

Just about 10 miles away from where Mike Brown was killed by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, two months earlier, the police, just as they did in the aftermath of the Mike Brown killing, have revealed many factual errors in their narrative of the incident and have since changed their story of what happened, time after time after time. What follows is an account of these changes.

Less than two hours after the killing of Myers, the police, on their Twitter account, gave the following account. Please notice how they say that the “suspect,” while fleeing, turned and fired at the officer.

Later that evening, Lt. Col. Alfred Adkins of the St. Louis Police Department gave this account to Gawker:
The man the officer was chasing jumped from some bushes and struggled with the officer, Adkins said. The man then pulled a gun and fired at the officer, Adkins said. The officer returned fire and fatally shot the man.
Shortly thereafter, he adds more details to his account of the shooting:
"As [the officer] exited the car, the gentlemen took off running. He was able to follow one of them before he lost him and then found him again as the guy jumped out of some bushes across the street," Lt. Col. Alfred Adkins said. "The officer approached, they got into a struggle, they ended up into a gangway, at which time the young man pulled a weapon and shots were fired. The officer returned fire and unfortunately the young man was killed."
Notice in the account from Atkins that Myers is hiding behind some bushes on the scene and jumps out? One major problem exists with this:
Following the recognition that no bushes exist on the scene, police, the following day, completely removed any mention of Myers hiding behind them from their recounting of that evening. But, in this statement, they still claim that Myers “turned” and began shooting at the officer:
An officer working department-approved secondary for a security company, wearing a St. Louis Police Officer’s uniform was in the 4100 block of Shaw when he attempted a pedestrian check. The male suspect fled on foot. The officer pursued the suspect. The suspect turned and fired a gun at the officer. Fearing for his safety, the officer returned fire striking the suspect, fatally wounding him. The officer was not injured. A gun was recovered from the scene. The officer is a 32-year old white male. He has been on the force for 6 years. The suspect is a black male believed to be 18-20 years old. As is department policy, the officer has been placed on administrative leave. The investigation is ongoing.
Holding a press conference about 24 hours after the shooting of Myers, Chief Sam Dotson described the night’s events as follows, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
The officer followed one of the young men, identified as Myers, into a gangway. He was running and holding his waistband in a way that caused the officer to suspect he had a gun. Myers turned and approached the officer in “an aggressive manner and the officer told Myers to surrender. Myers continued to come at the officer and the two struggled. A sweatshirt the man was wearing came off during the struggle.
When did Myers put on this sweatshirt? He is not wearing it inside the store and does not put it on when he leaves the store and begins to walk away on foot. Also, if you watch the video, you can clearly see that Myers is sagging his jeans. It is common, with this style, to have to hold jeans up when running and is far from being indicative that someone possesses a firearm.

Today, just about 72 hours after the shooting of Myers, a spokesperson for the police, in addition to completely removing the bush from their narrative, now claims that Myers “fell” and began shooting at the officer from the ground. This is an ENORMOUS shift in the story that the police have told for the previous three days.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the spokesperson for the St. Louis police union, Jeff Roorda, already chiming in on this case, was himself fired as a police officer for falsifying reports and has admitted that he is behind the fundraiser for Darren Wilson.

Source: Shaun King for Daily Kos

(via write2live)

Fuck Jerry Brown, that corrupt motherfucker.