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Oceania has always been at war with the Khorasan Group (which definitley exists Winston, trust me bro)


don’t worry , i’ve got this


don’t worry , i’ve got this

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"The information war for Ukraine" - Satirical German program "Die Anstalt" (Eng Subs)

People always say Germans aren’t funny, but this is pretty good.

The war on drugs isn’t about stopping drug use it’s about social control.

David Graeber argues that the corporatization of society has slowed the pace of technological change and lengthened the lifespan of capitalism.

weasleyface said: Do you honestly believe they would be allowed to vote no? Lol idk man.

I don’t think they were. I think the Royal Bank of Scotland threatening to leave the country and investors dumping the pound was how they were prevented from voting for independence.

It looks like Scotland is staying in the Union.

People let Mr. Market spook them. Oh well. Hopefully London doesn’t renege on their promises of more autonomy.

See, this is why you don’t let insurance companies write the laws that are supposed to reign them in. Thanks Liz Fowler!

This is from Talking Points Memo, which is a center-right DLC rag. If even they’re starting to notice, things are starting to snowball.

Anonymous said: tear gas causes miscarriages. you can't get an abortion but we can bloody well give you one if we don't agree with you.

Yeah, it’s not like there was a ton of pro-life protest when the eugenics movement was forcibly sterilizing people in this country.